Bliss is the new home decor brand created by Citel to market its specialized technical fabrics. Its mission is to produce inspiring fabrics that arise positive feelings by combining the highest quality materials with the finest aesthetic and sensitivity. "Bliss" is happiness and joy and this is not only its literal meaning but also the brand's main goal: to create spaces that bring people together and connect them with others and with their inner self. 
I had the chance to work in this project from the ground up and collaborate both in the strategy and the design of the brand’s visual identity. One capable of reflecting its essence and core values. Bliss is unique and inspiring, positive and vibrant, intimate and dynamic.

For the logo design, I created a bespoke typeface that feels elegant and bold at the same time. This apparent contradiction clearly matches the personality of Bliss that is provocative and stimulating without losing its delicacy and style. At Bliss, they are creators by nature: it is something that they have in their essence. They take simple things, such as threads, and using their creativity and experience they are capable of turning it into something beautiful and unique. Inspired by this idea, I created the logo out of apparently rather simple geometric shapes that when are put together compose a naturally engaging and attention-grabbing logotype.
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