I'm Aitana. 
A graphic designer passionate about solving problems in a creative, meaningful and beautiful way. I’m originally from Barcelona but I consider myself a digital nomad always wondering "where next?".
Curiosity is behind every big idea.
I truly enjoy designing because it allows me not only to answer questions but also to ask them. I feel lucky every time I get a new brief for having the chance to learn so many new things about it.

I studied advertising and public relations in Barcelona and specialised in marketing and strategic planning. I have over five years experience in the creative industry, having developed in a variety of roles. From consumer research to digital marketing, every job experience has allowed me to grow professionally and become a person capable of facing challenges from multiple angles. 

I recently decided to shift to a more creative side of the communications industry and graduated in Graphic Design from Shillington College and I'm ready to start a career in graphic design.

I understand design as a way of connection. Connection between people and ideas.
I want to think that somehow I can contribute to creating a better world with my designs. I’m positive by nature, I'm always looking on the bright side and I feel that my designs reflect this lively and optimistic character. 

I'm particularly interested in branding since it allows me to build the character and image of each project from the ground up. I have always been interested in psychology and understanding human behaviour, which is why I find digital design and UX really fascinating. In addition, I also love landscape photography and illustration.
"The delight in discovering, the wonder of wondering.
To learn is to live. It doesn't really matter what you ask, just that you ask,
because the questions you find are more important than the answers. 
We are all lifelong learners. Keep exploring, wondering, discovering, learning.
Stay curious."

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